Folder share question?

I am trying to share a folder with my friends outside of my firewall. I am able to send an email with the link, however the link is a zip file with everything inside the folder. 

Is there a way to do something like dropbox, which you can create a link of a folder, users can browse through and pick the files they want?

Thanks everyone.

make them a user on your drive

set permissions

add them to the share you want

email them a link through cloud access tab

this will send them a email link to the files you offered 


just tried works for me no zip file

just the wd ui front with my shared folder


I know you can setup a new account, but that’s not what I want to do.

The following is a test link I created on dropbox.

I wonder if it is possible to share a folder link with the WD My Cloud drive.

No there’s no way to do it like dropbox. Only way is to create a user, set permissions to which shares that user can/can’t access, and add access for that user.