Folder Share Permissions - Access Denied

Our Company just bought WESTERN DIGITAL My Book World Edition II 2TB a couple days ago.

During the installation and Folder Share Permissions we encountered error to access Folder which has restriction for some users.

=Error Message+

\DataCentre\DB is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resources


I did set specific user to have access to the folder from Folder sharing permission page

Another error message says:

Multiple Connections to a server or shared resources by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnec all previous connections to the servers or sahred resources and try again


Can anyone help me with this.

Thanks, awsoe1

Each user must be asigned a user name and password by the administor threw the network storage manager

Here are the instructions page 81

Do you have any of the users on the WD with the same id as the windows users ?

Yes, I do have same user. Now I can access the folder but most of the time the error message still appears. even I have restart my pc and WD.

Still dont know what is the perfect solutions

Done this.

but still user can not access the Folder

I had almost the same problems and the solution was to define a user on the Mybook with an ID not equal to ANY windows user which accesses it. I also removed any other users which had an ID equal to any windows users.