Folder Questions?

question, i just transfered movies from my external to my wdtv live hub. when i click on videos icon on the home screen. the movies are located in that icon but then i have to click on WDTVLiveHub folder icon. on this screen in the upper left it says Internal storage, then below that it says Videos: Folders… after i do this i am above to see the movies. how do i make it so when i click on the video icon on the home screen they are right there. it works the way i am describing on the wdtv live(the model without the internal drive)but different on the hub… the movies are inside of the WDTVLiveHub folder…please help


When you copy movies, via the auto mode of the firmware, if makes its own tree-structure.

I know what you mean, its not the most compact directory system.

So, connect your hub unit up to the home network, view the contents of the Hub via Windows Exployer, and move the files around to you own way, make new or change the direcory.

I’n my Hub Drive, its, My Video Collection, then A, B, C, D for the movie titles…

Try this

Goto Movies

When inside movies press the green button on the remote.

Then chose Filter > All