Folder not showing up in my media library

So…I like the functionality of this item as far as i can see…but there’s one big thing not working

I did all the steps to add a folder that is shared on my compute to my media library, in the options

I have two folders…folder 1 and folder 2…they have the exact same sharing permissions, exact same settings and even the same file types in both folders (video files)

I was able to successfully add both of the folders to my media library in the options

however, when i go to “my media library” in the video selection, I only see “folder 1”…i do not see folder 2 at all

if i change the source, and choose “network shares” and choose folder 2…i do see it and all the files inside

i click on the options button to add it to my media library, and it says “this folder is already add to your media library, please choose another”
but it doesn’t show up!!!

can anyone help?  thank you… 

nevermind…i found it

apparently, you have to physically hit “restart device” in the settings…

is there any way to restart the device without going into settings everything? like actually shutting it off instead of going to stand by?

now i’m off to search for my next little pet peeve with the device…some content is not downloading…