Folder name

I have a question:

The original backup folder was something like WDSMARTWARE.STOR (may be not 100% correct.

To make it easy I changed the name of teh folder to “Backup”.

Since the I have the feeling MyBook is not backing up any more. Any idea if the name change was wrong?


Smartware will not find the back up folder if you change the name of that folder.

Can you please give me the original name, or a way to change the settings, so that it will find a new name?



You cant change the setting regarding the smartware folder.  SmartWare.swsto is the original name of the folder.


I changed the name back to WD Smartware.swsto

Looks as if it does not work.

What will be the next step to make backups? Buy a new mybook?

Think I found the solution

Install WD Smartware and start backup.

program creates new folder with proper name and starts backing up.

Proper name is WD Smartware.swstor

yeah, i forgot to put the r at the end. haha, sorry