Folder Limit from Network Shares?

I have always had ten folders added through my network shares. Now when I get the ninth folder added, and that is it. I try to add the next folder, and it says I have reached my limit. Was this changed, and WHY? If there is not limit, has anyone had this issue?

Did you recently updated the firmware?

Yes. If it’s a change in the new fw, it doesn’t make sense why…

I have same the problem. 

Before updating firmware I had 12-14 folders (like “Action, Adventure, Animation, Scify, Western…”) 

After updating to the latest firmware I still found them all but reaction was extremely slow.

Today I resetted the WDTVStreaming. The reaction to the remotectrl is ok now but I must add all shares again and now I can add a maximum of 8 folders from networkshares.

Is this a bug or a feature ???  – Oh sorry it’s not an apple device :wink:  Must be a bug :wink:

I hope this will be fixed soon - If I must reorganize my networkshares and folders it will take days of work!

That was exactly my problem too. Media Library was very sluggish after the fw upgrade so I did a reset also. I am capable of getting ten shares now, but my eleventh won’t go. It’s Westerns so I can always just switch to network storage if I really wanna watch one. It would be actually nice though to add as many as I want… And if you have only eight showing, that makes the issue even more odd since it’s a different amount of shares!

I put in a suggestion under the ideas thread if you want to give it a bump so hopefully they fix this issue. It’s funny comparing Apple to oranges. It used to be an Apple vs Windows thing, but my devices & drives are all WD, so I guess Apple is just king in all the games. I suppose I will have to do more research on my future purchases…

Maybe  in fact it’s ten folders but two are always used by the root of the lokal drives, so i can only add 8 from networkshares.

With the old FW I had 16 folders on first page and the two lokal drives on the second page > 18 folders without issue. If this feature isn’t available any more, the WDTVStreaming is useless for me and I can go back to the WDTVLive.

It’s a little frustrating that I must be aware of any FW-Update because I can be sure, that there allways come some new useless features but old important features are broken.

…and I would not like changing the product. I tried many players and all are worse, beginning with Acer Revo, up to Sony PS3 or the Bravia  DLNA-function or Samsung DLNA Blurayplayer…

This is how I deal with having too many shares on a windows pc

Create a folder on c:\shares

Use mklink from the command prompt to make a directory junction (mklink /J c:\shares\movies d:\movies) for my movies and same for my music and music vidoes

As my tv shows are on 2 seperate hard drives, create a folder called tv shows, then use the same command to link to tv1 to e:\tv shows and tv2 to f:\tv shows

Then share each folder under shares, so I have tv shows, music, movies, music videos, photos, shared (for temp stuff, has links to download directorys, unsorted stuff etc)

If you have dedicated hard drives to certain things, dont forget you can also mount a hard drive under a folder as the same time as a letter

ie i have one share called hdd which of course ive locked to my user account only






I recall another way of doing virtual folder shares you could combine 2 or more directories as a folder or share, but i cant seem to find the info on that atm.hope this is usefull