Folder created by macOS My Cloud install

After I installed My Cloud on my Mac Mini (macOS Sierra), I found a folder named ‘My Cloud’ under my Users/xxx/ folder. Inside it were 4 symlinks to Documents, Movies, Pictures and Music. The symlinks point back to the SAME folders underneath my Users/xxx/ folder. What’s the point of this?

My Documents,Movies,Pictures and Music folders are all synced (correctly) to WDSync on my My Cloud drive.

When you installed the WD Sync software those folders/links were created. During the installation of the WD Sync software (at least on Windows) the user has the option to unselect the Documents, Movies, PIctures, and Music folders so they are NOT synced to the My Cloud. See the WD Sync Help for more information on how to add or remove folders from being sync’ed.

Edit to add: On Windows the WD Sync program creates a default “My Cloud” folder that when one drops files/folders into will sync to the My Cloud unit.