Flingo Audio Distortion

I just purchased a WDTV Live Plus to replace my Asus OPlay Air and was looking forward to the Internet streams with the WDTV.  One app that I have found to be amazing is Flingo.  I can see this app is going to be huge once it catches on more.

My box is now updated to the latest firmware, however half of the videos I fling to my Flingo queue play with very distorted audio that drops in and out.  Is there some setting I have screwed up somewhere.  One thing interesting is if I watch a video via Flingo, it can have the audio all messed up, but if I play that same video via the YouTube app, the audio is fine.  Like I said, this doesn’t happen to all of the videos that I play on Flingo, but enough of them have this issue that it is extremely annoying.  Any suggestions?  Other’s experiencing this too?     Firmware 1.06.16.

Hi there, how are you decoding sound? As stereo or digital? o.o