Flickr a/c and sets


Extremely happy with WD Live as a media player but greatly dissapointed in it’s “Live” features. It really comes down to false advertising.

Streaming TV…well it might be if you live in the US and have subscription channels but it will not play any of the aussie stuff such as ABC i-view or the Chanel 7 and 9 streaming TV

It also advertises Flickr access. Well you can’t login but you can get around this by searching for your login name and it keeps it in “searchs”  BUT…it finds my 3,000 photos !!! Can I find my “SETS” ??? Bit of a bummer to find my travel photos when you have to scoll down thousands of files.

P.S. have successfully used a wireless keyboard instead of the time wasting remote control but will a USB hub work???

I currently have my harddrive in USB2 and my Wireless Adappter in USB1 but one of them has to be unplugged to fit in the adapter for the wireless keyboard.

Thanks for any help

I believe that you can use a hub to connect say your wifi adaptor, keyboard and one usb hard drive. You cannot connect two hard drives to a hub.