Flashing purple LED

What does a rapidly flashing purple LED mean on gen2 mycloud? I have seen others ask but I’ve not found an answer.

Recently my drive just stopped working, I had it unplugged for a while. Plugged it in and just get a rapid flashing purple LED, the drive doesn’t spin and no network activity/connection led. I’m assuming it is dead, would be nice to know the cause though incase it’s repairable.

Which LED if flashing? Front LED or one of the back LED’s?

Flashing front red LED is indicative of a serious problem, usually a failed hard drive. Some WD Support articles on what the various LED colors mean.
LED Status, Alert Codes, Descriptions, and Email Notifications for WD My Cloud
What Do LED Blinking White, Blue, or Solid Amber Mean on My Cloud?
My Cloud: Solid and Blinking Red Power and Drive LED Status
My Cloud: Blinking Blue Drive LED

It’s like a pink/purple front LED


Honestly cannot tell what color it’s flashing. Try the basic troubleshooting steps if you haven’t done so already.

  • Try a different Ethernet cable.
  • Try connecting the My Cloud to a different Ethernet port on the router.
  • Make sure to directly connect the My Cloud to the router’s network port, avoid using mesh, extenders, powerline, etc.
  • Try a 40 second reset via the reset button/pin on the back of the My Cloud.
  • Check the network router’s administration page’s DHCP page to see if it lists the IP addresses handed out to network clients, see if the My Cloud IP address is listed there.
  • Try accessing the My Cloud Dashboard using the IP address.
  • Carefully open the My Cloud enclosure and remove/extract the hard drive, attach it to a computer running Linux and see if you can access the hard drive’s data/files.

You really can’t see the what colour the led is flashing in that gif?? It’s this colour:

Have tried all the above apart from the pointless ones as there would be no way to access it over the network if its basically just an led at this point. I wanted to avoid just pulling the drive and was hoping someone would know what that led means. I guess I’ll just have to remove the board and replace it with an SBC that has a sata port or something.

After pulling the drive and connecting it to my pc I have discovered the HDD isn’t powering up, must be fried. Have ordered a new PCB for the drive from AliExpress for £3 hopefully fit that and job done.