Flaky samba shares from My Book Live NAS

I’m having a really annoying issue playing content off of my NAS - the samba share seems to go away after I pause the video or don’t do anything in the file selection menu for a few seconds.  Going out to the home view and starting back through the “videos” tab allows me to get back to the list of shares on this device, but selecting the share gives me the “There is no media in the current folder”.  I didn’t seem to have this issue when playing content from a Windows XP box, so maybe it’s something odd with the NAS, but I can reliably access shares on the NAS from other devices (Windows XP box, MacBook laptop, etc) …  It’s a really annoying experience.

Anybody know of any settings I should check?  This is all over a wired ethernet network, so problems with my wireless are not an issue – AFAICT, both systems have a valid ip address and are on the same windows workgroup…


Are there any other Windows-like devices being started up or shut down at the same time as this problem occurs?

No, but sometimes it seems rebooting the nas improves things…  I can pause a show and then resume it without issues.