FLAC over DLNA/UPnP has no audio

I have an XBMC machine on my network acting as a media server. For some reason, attempting to play FLACs from my XBMC on the WD TV SMP accross the network results in no audio. The same applies if I use BubbleUPnP on my smartphone as the DLNA controller with the WD TV as the renderer. The FLAC appears to be playing on the WD TV (the time counter is going up), but there is no audio output. The same FLAC files work correctly if I play them off a USB thumb drive. Any suggestions?

I am also having problems with FLAC over DLNA, but in my case it doesn’t play at all and instead gives me an “Unable to play selected file” error.  I am using the JRiver MC server with no conversion and it seems to be a known issue with the SMP not handling FLAC properly over DLNA.  In your case it sounds like XBMC may be converting the files to something other than FLAC since playback is initiated successfully so you might want to check that.