FLAC file playback

I have a strange problem when I playback FLAC files with the Hub. I highlight the first track and press play or OK. The first track plays, then it plays track one again, then the other tracks in order. I have the play mode set to “Normal.” FW is 2.04.13. I am navigating by folder.

Does anybody else have this problem and any suggestions why it is happening?


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Do you have an image in the folder containing your music files.

See here


and here


Thanks for the reply Rich, sorry for the long delay in responding.  I have tried playing FLAC files in a sub-directory that  contains only the FLAC files - no images, no playlists just six FLAC files. This is on a shared Windows 7 (64-bit) directory. I am using navigate by folder. The Live Hub plays the first file twice, then plays the other five files once and stops. So with only FLAC files in the directory I still get this problem. Does anybody else have this problem?


Further investigation shows that MP3 and FLAC files played from a network share display the same behaviour - the first file is repeated then the other files play once and playback stops. If the same folders are copied to the Live Hub internal disk - they play back as expected - each file only plays once. More interestingly, if the same files are played with a WDTV Live from the same network share they play back as expected - only once. All of thes tests used the same FLAC and MP3 files ripped from my own CD. No image or playlist files were in the test folder only the music files.

This looks like a bug in the Live Hub. Can anybody coinfirm this? How do I report this if it is a confirmed bug?