FLAC Audiophile 96kHz/24bit don't play on the device

I’ve just bought some music on HDTracks at  https://www.hdtracks.com

are FLAC Audiophile 96kHz/24bit

The device doesn’t seem to be able to play them, it skips the tracks without playing them.

(To be honest this happens also sometime with some FLACs but anyway…)

I’ve upgraded to the latest firmware possible and I have NO problem to play properly DVD audio 48khz/24bit

Is this knew by the community?

I’ve read other posts here but people seem to concentrate about the downconversion rather then the abiity to play them

Anyone can help?

I own:

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player version 1.14.09 connected via optical to a Denon AVR1508




I have no problem with 96/24 flac files, however I am connected via HDMI and not optical. I don’t think 96/24 is supported via optical connection.