Fixing TVDB Naming Conventions

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this site and I have to say with this new forum layout, how does one find anything? The old layout was far more functional.

This is a little off-topic since the WDTV works correctly. I was wondering has anyone come across software that will automatically change XML files from TVDB?

For example:
From TVDB: Once Upon a Time (2011) - 5x06 - [name of show] - (Part 1)

Remove year, change Season\Episode format and Part 1 to:
Once Upon a Time S05E06 [name of show]_P1

Currently, I have been changing them manually one-by-one and it’s a lot of work. Really looking for something to automate the process. Was wondering how others have solved this problem? Thanks.

Us mods can help you find your way and adapt to the current WD Community. What is it you are looking for?

With regards to the XML files I recall an old application was made for that purpose. Thumbgen I believe.

try “The Renamer”

Still looking for a “Delete” button in PM’s :smirk:

One of the challenges I see, in the old format it was easy to quote someone in a reply. I don’t see that option in the new. In the old, I could see all the boards on one page making it easy to switch quickly to where I want to go. Using a dropdown menu is kind of like out of sight out of mind, so it discourages people to hang out on the site and read other posts. However, if that was the intent - great job WD, you pulled it off.

Everything is so large and overstated, it’s like something you would expect to see in a children’s forum and not one of a technical or professional caliber. It’s very distracting and I find that it discourages one to seek answers on their own before creating a post. However, on a positive note, I do like the preview window on the right as I type but thanks for asking.

I checked out both programs and unfortunately, neither one offered the solution I need. I think I may have mislead unintentionally with issue I"m attempting to resolve. I was looking for a program that would open existing XML files and make changes in the “title” section like the example I have in my first post. Thumgen creates new ones and Renamer doesn’t make changes within the file.

I already have an automated program that changes the file name to what I need. The problem is within the XML itself. Ideally, I’m looking for a batch program that searches through the folders (sub-folders) to find XML files. Then copy the file name, open the XML, go to the “title” section and paste the name - save the file. On to the next one and repeat the process. Do you know of such program?

Hold your left mouse button, highlight the text you wish to quote and magically a little blue box appears with the word “quote” inside it … click it

Good to know, thank you.