Fixing errors on My Book

I received a message from Windows that there was an error on the My Books external drive that could be fixed by shutting the computer down and restarting.  Upon restart a screen appeared to scan and fix errors on My Book (K):.  I started the screen which worked fine until I got this message:

Checking Disk My Book (K): 232577 index entries processed.  WD SmartWare error Back up destination (K): cannot be found.  Please reconnect your drive. 

What does this mean and what do I do?  Thank you for your time…


I had the same problem and restarted several times but same message keeps coming up:

"Restart to repair drive errors (Important)

We found errors on a drive. To repair these errors and prevent loss of data, restart your PC now. The repair could take a while to complete."

I hit the “Restart” button and it seems to come up fine, but then a little later I get the error message again.

I’m using Windows 8. Is there a compatibility issue?

Or is the WD drive defective?

I do not know, while we are waiting for someone from this community who knows about these kinds of things to reply, I am going to repost my question in the Microsoft forums as Windows is doing the scanning and repairing.  I will post anything I find here.  I am using Windows 7


Good idea, Uptownlad.




Microsoft deleted my post without explanation.  I figure it was deleted because I referred to WD. 

My Windows back up ran last night and failed when trying to read from the shadow copy on one of the volimes being backed up.  I got error code 0x81000037 which I searched for.  I found this Microsoft article and I am going through it now.