FIX: WD TV Live Hub does not recognize wired network or usb wireless

I went round and round on this issue with support.  The latest was that they were to call me; now only 26 minutes late.  We were going to download a firmware update to a usb flash drive and upload it directly to the Live Hub.  While I was waiting, I figured out a work around.

WIth Live Hub firmware version 2.06.10.  DHCP (automatic option) was inoperable in both wired and wireless modes.

Entered the IP address, Subnet, Gateway, and DNS manually (not automatic). 

It connected right away and saw that it needed to update the firmware (several versions worth).  

For what it’s worth, I also reserved the IP address on the router for the device’s MAC address.  I don’t think it really mattered, to be honest.  It was the manual (not automatic) entry that seemed to have the most positive result.

I’m using an Airlink101 N-150 AWL5077 usb wireless adapter.  Their support is terrible, by the way.  They wanted to charge me almost 70USD (for 6 months) to get support on a non-computer device, even though I bought the device only 2 days ago.  That was irrelevant, he said, they don’t support non-computer devices without payment.  FAIL

I usually prefer to use a static connection, because it is more stable.