First time set up advice

I have just got my new 1TB device (white light) and, knowing that NAS set up can be problematic, decided to browse this forum first to get some tips:smileyvery-happy:. There is loads of useful information (thanks guys) but what I can’t find are any “sticky” threads that summarise the core set up advice. Can anyone point me to a good post (or shall I keep going through the pages?). 

Alternatively, does anyone have time to give me a few key pieces of advice?

I have an O2 router (vII) to which I will connect the device. I have picked up that I should configure using my hard wired PC and use a static IP address. My initial plan is to move all my photos and music on to the device (from the hard wired PC). Then I propose to install the set up software on our other computers (another hard-wired desktop) a laptop and a netbook (all computers are running XP). There is some music and some photos on the other computers that I shall also copy across to the NAS. 

Initially,  want to use the NAS as so that all of the music and photos (and a few documents) are accessible to all of the PCs. I already have a backup routine (to cloud service), so don’t need to set this up, although it would be useful if any photos or music that are subsequently put onto one of the computers could be automatically copied to the NAS.

Ultimately, I would like to complete the set up so that the NAS can be used as a media server - we have a PS3, an iPOD touch and a Squeezebox! However - I am realistic in my expectations that this will need perseverance and am happy to get the core set up working first (and if necessary stick with using one of the PCs as a media server as we have it working ok at the present). 

Thanks in anticipation for any advice,.

The drive comes DHCP out of the box so you may need to connect the drive to your computer via Ethernet and set the computer to DHCP so that you can change it to a static IP address.  Afterwards, you can plug the drive and your computer into the router and follow the rest of the steps from the Quick Installation Guide.  The full User Manual has the steps on configuring the drive to a static IP address on page 92.

Don’t delete the files you want to keep until you are happy with the setup of the NAS and that it is working correctly. I would also consider how you could create a 2ndary backup just in case the NAS goes poof!.

It works great as a file server without the need to run a full PC. But I am not sure I absolutely trust it with my precious files alone.