First Impressions and Help with usb Drive

Well I ended up purchasing the live plus, and I am really enjoying it so far. It easily accesses my computer and its files. I record TV with my computer using Hauppauge’s wintv and the live reads and plays both SD and HD files beautifully. Netflix works well to, and the HD streaming looks quite nice. Not quite BR, but very nice with no stuttering etc. SD through netflix doesn’t look too bad either. (First experience with netflix and I am pretty impressed.)

I am having a bit of a problem with the hard drive attached to the usb on the live. I am using the Dlink nano usb wifi in one usb and have a hard drive hooked up to the other usb. I mapped the network drive using Windows 7 under “computer”, but the ISP # to the drive that’s hooked up to the live keeps changing. More specifically, the last number in the ISP changes from 4,5, and 6. Any ideas on how to get the ISP from changing, or am I trying to access the drive the wrong way? When it is working, it works well and I have no problem reading and writing to the disk from programs and by dragging and dropping files on to it.


I’m not sure why you care what the ISP of that drive is – it should just show up in Windows under Network and be identified as the WDLive (and then either drive 0 or drive 1).

I presume you mean “IP Address,” not ISP, right?

If your IP address keeps changing, you need to investigate whatever box is providing DHCP service.

Or, just set up a Manual IP address instead of automatic.

mkelly - Thanks for the reply. It does show up under network and it appears I have full access to it. Thank you.

TP - Thanks for your reply.  I did mean IP address and it looks like (according to mkelly) I don’t have to map it to us it; I can just access it under network.

I think this setup will work better on my network than wha tI was doing it before. I was sharing the drive using an apple airport extreme through the usb hub on it, but with windows 7 came some problems. I could read and write with programs, but not using search or drag and drop unless I turned windows search off. Anyway, it looks like sharing the drive over the Live will work good…I’ll just need to remember to turn it on before I want to access the drive.

Overall, I am very  happy with the wd live plus…now if they would just add native Amazon VOD support. (There’s always something we want LOL) I am thinking about using PlayOn, but for now, I am happy with what I have acccess to.