First home NAS setup

I am completely new to NAS so not sure if the following will work, for my home setup. I am thinking of this:-

My computers are:-

2 x 64bit Windows 10 desktops (wired ethernet to Virgin router; all other devices wifi)
1 x 64bit Windows 10 laptop
1 x 32bit Windows 10 notebook
2 x Andriod 6.0 tablets
1 x Andriod 5.1.1 tablet (only use to connect to Chromecast Audio on Onkyo receiver and play FLAC files, iBBC player Radio or Qobuz streaming)
1 x Andriod 8.0 phone
1 x Andriod 6.0 phone

9 devices in total. At present just under 2TB of data stored on these various computers.

Would the WD device enable me to store all the data from these computers (there is a lot of duplication as the large micro SD cards on the Andriod devices hold the same 90GB of music files); backup is becoming a problem so one device holding all the data, with just one backup HDD needed (already have 1 x 4TB drive I could use as backup for the WD)

Having further investigated I see that only the 32bit notebook is not supported; as this is mainly used to rip CDs I am sure I can find a workround for its occassional use.
Now to understand how this NAS fits in with my home network.

You need to know that the MC Home devices are not a NAS, they are a network connected hard drive; similar but not same as a NAS. A Home might do the job, but check out the EX and PR series NAS devices (e.g EX2100 or PR2100).

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