First back-up does not complete

It seems to be working but after several hours of waiting for back-up it has stopped at 36% completion. Any suggestions about what I may have done wrong? I am inclined to uninstall it tomorrow and try starting over.

This is the 3TB My Book by the way.

The backup software may be taking a some time with a large file. Why don’t you leave it running overnight? You’ll have to disable your computer’s sleep timer though, as the backup can not proceed while your system hibernates.

That was what I was sort of thinking too but I only have 10G to back up. It had crawled to 37% completed by this morning. So I uninstalled it and tried again today. It went pretty steady up until around 35% completed and now it is stuck on 36% again. I wouldn’t think this should takes days to back up 10gig?