Firmware wd1200ue

hello, I do not speak English, only Spanish.
I hope this is the right place for my question.
I have a hdd wd scorpio-22kvt0 wd1200ue model which does not recognize my pc, I want to retrieve all the information, and among other things, I would like to check the status of your firmeare
Where I can find this firmware and tools to verify and install?

Hi, just in case there is a Spanish section on the forum, but to answer your question. Have you checked if the hard drive is recognized on the disk management window? You can also download the DLG test to run a test, as far as I know there are no firmware updates available for this hard drive. Check the link below.

For the Spanish section of the forum check the link below.

hello again.
Yes, I checked, and indeed does not recognize, for that reason I thought it would firmware problem …
thanks for the links
Any more suggestions?

Also check the device manager to see if it’s recognized there, if not, there is not a lot you can do. :confounded:

thanks for the tips.device manager does not recognize it. for it to be recognized by the system bios or did it depend? what information on the electronic board ,as firmware, or the partition table? ,if I remember correctly located in the disk platters