Firmware upgrade

I have just bought a WD Live TV and I want to upgrade the firmware to be able to access BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

The automatic update does not work. I have also tried the manual upgrade which also does not see the usb drive I inserted.

This is a copy of someone’s post and I have tried their fix and I still can’t upgrade.

Thanks JD

What Model# is your WDTV?

What firmware version is it CURRENTLY running?

What version are you trying to upgrade to?

Is it even detecting a new version and notifying you?

Do you have Auto Firmware Detection enabled?

What happens when you try the automatic update?

Got it to upgrade by taking files out of folder on flash drive i.e. in top level.

Cheers  Jack

looks like you didn’t read the instructions properly: 

instruction does say to do that.Too much rush

Extract the four files (.BIN, .VER, .FFF, and .INFO files) to the root (top level) of a

portable USB drive.

I did not remove from folder Doh

Hi, Pleaae help a novice, I dont know what 'extrat" means?  

I have downloaded the necessary Firmware, but when i right click the FFF, bin etc… I get no “Extract” option.  Iam using MAC with Lion.



1 Download the jZIP file extraction software.

2 Install the program to your computer’s hard drive Once  the jZip set component is done downloading, click on the “Open” command to begin  the initial installation of the actual program.

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3 Access the program in order to load the ZIP file you wish to extract. Upon  completion of the installation process, a jZip icon should be displayed on your MAC’s desktop screen. Click on the jZip icon on your computer’s desktop. Click on the  “File” tab and select the “Open” option. A Mac portal window will appear,  displaying your hard drive’s files, programs and other content. Locate your ZIP  file and click click on the “Open” button.

4 Select the “Extract” option on the jZip navigation menu, which will be at the  top of the program’s window. Once you select the Extract command, the ZIP file’s  components will automatically begin to unzip. You will be able to view and  access the file’s internal folders, files and components.

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