Firmware Update

Firmware update rendered WD Live Plus dead. Does NOT play well with Linksys E3000. Please fix this. In the meantime I’m rolling back. 

Automatic update installed Live_ HUB _ 2.07.17 instead of Live PLU__S 1.06.16_B!!!


Now what?!?

Call WD… 

How do you know that’s what happened?   Is it booting up the HUB software and telling you that?

During troubleshooting, when I went into “set-up”, it indicates that I now have version 2.07.17.

Then you have a Live HUB not a Live+.

Simple check- does it have an internal disk drive? If yes then it is a HUB. If no, then you are very lucky because you got all the HUB extras on your Live+ (but actually impossible).

very doubful you done that, can you post a picture of what you have?

Live HUB