Firmware update?


I have 4 caviar black HDD, 2 of them are the same model (older) than the others 2 that are new, and for that reason they have diferent firmware

My question is, where can I get the newest firmware for my HDD, I don’t see any tab related to this things

Unless WD issues a firmware revision for this drive, which it hasn’t, you cannot update any firmware on any of these drives. 

I have a Hard drive with bad sectors that I just can’t get them fix with any tool

I’ve tried DLG several times with no luck at all

Do I have to RMA it?

It appears that you drive may be failing and may need to be replaced.  For online help to replace a product under warranty follow the link below.  Make sure you back up all your data before replacing the drive.

Online Product Warranty Replacement

To Contact WD for Technical Support

If the bad sectors are showing up in the OS as bad clusters, then your OS has flagged them as bad and has put them aside. DLG may remap these sectors for you, but this will not affect how the OS sees them.

Try a more comprehensive SMART diagnostic tool.

HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

HDDScan for Windows:

Do you see any pending sectors?

I’ve just run another test using DLG

I tried other tools before like HD regenerator that said it found bad sectors and fixed them but when I ran the DLG test in windows, it says that the drive did not passed the test

I did try this few times with diferent tools, and just a couple of hour ago, I ran the DLG’s WRITE ZEROS utility under dos to the entire drive

and I think it did it, the drive passed the test, no more bad sectors

any ideas why? Does this means that DLG is better than other programs/software?

AFAICT, HDD Regenerator is non-destructive in that it tries to “refresh” the data in every sector by reading it, if possible, and then rewriting it. OTOH, DLG’s WRITE ZEROS utility is data destructive. Any marginal sector will be reallocated during writes but not during reads. AFAICS, this means that DLG has a much better chance of forcing bad sectors to be reallocated than HDD Regenerator.


But after all this, DLG found new bad sectors, and this time it was much worse

so, I’am RMA’ing that disk, I’ll have back the new drive during this week