Firmware update WD2000FYYZ drives for Dell certification


I purchased four WD2000FYYZ Enterprise drives a few years ago for a R320 Dell server. The drives are showing as in a warning state in Dell’s OpenManage Server Administrator tool because the drives are not Dell certified. There appears to be no other issues other then that (running fine in raid1 on two servers). I’m being told that the hard drive firmware must include the Dell certification. Is there an firmware updated to support the Dell certification for these drives and were would I find it?



As far as I know this model: WD2000FYYZ does not have a firmware update on the download section.

Thanks for the reply, was hoping I was just missing it.

I can’t open new thread so i will ask for your help here. I have Dell PowerEdge 720 server and i bought 8x brand new 12TB Western Digital DC HC520 and right now i realise that this hard drives are not compatible with my server i update last firmware from dell support page but the drives are still in Blocked state, is there any drivers that i can use to unblock the drives, or any other solution to run them properly ?

Dell is evidently using whitelists for which disks will work. I use enterprise disks myself as the capacity of the disks is needed for all my games.