Firmware update => Unit unresponsive

I just did the firmware update; followed all the instructions to the letter. The update completed 100% he unit rebooted and now its non responsive.

The white light is stuck on the buttom. The NAS doesn’t seem to be picking an ip; factory reset does nothing.

Any suggesstions short of getting warranty replacement?

You made a big mistake that you upgrade your firmware to version 1.02.04. It’s BUGgy.

Read details on…

**bleep**. Same problem: after firmware update 8/20/2010 of my WD MB WE: unresponsive unit, please help WD Support !!!

I’ve opened a support ticket; in the mean time I’m going to try to get my files off it with a live linux distro and send this thing back in.

I guess this is a warning to not update to this firmware… :manmad:

MDKv4 wrote:

I’ve opened a support ticket; in the mean time I’m going to try to get my files off it with a live linux distro and send this thing back in.


I guess this is a warning to not update to this firmware… :manmad:

If u succeed getting ur files off it, could u please fill in the details for me (Im Linux  novice)? Im eager to - or I have to -  get my files of it too :cry: 

Preface: I have/had a 2TB Mybook world edition II setup with Raid 1.

I managed to get my files off it. I used my thermaltake blacx duet over usb to mount the drives. If you had them setup in Raid 1 (mirror) then you only need one of the drives. Just take it out and attach it to your motherbooard directly.

Step 1. Get Linux

You have two options here.

  • The easy way: Boot from a live distro (Knoppix, Suse, Live Ubuntu, etc) (essentially whatever floats your boat)

  • Or just install it. In my case I used the disk management tool to shrink my storage partition on my desktop by 20GBs; more than enough to install linux and installed openSuse 11.3 on it.

Step 2. Mount the raid volume

  • Open terminal/console

  • Login as root:

su root

  • If your distro doesn’t come with mdadm then install it. On Suse this was already installed. If not use:

apt -get mdadm

  • use this command to assemble the raid array:

mdadm --assemble --scan

  • Your array should now be mounted with 4 partitions; the last partition which uses XFS as its file system is the data partition. From this point you can use any file browser (Dolphin in my case) to browse the drive.

From here you should be able to read and write as you wish. Either map a network drive and copy the files or attach another external drive and copy the files over.

Hope this helps.

Now that I can mess with the file system i wonder if there is a way to somehow restore the drive’s firmware.

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Is it possible to save data with Linux, when you have your MBWE setup to Strip (Raid 0)?

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Yes, follow the same procedure; but you will need both drives attached. There are multiple ways to go about it:

  • Connect both drives to your pc’s motherboard

  • Single esata with port multiplier

  • 2 x esata ports

  • 2 x sata to usb (adapter or external storage)

Any updates to this problem…I made the same HUGE MISTAKE this morning…After talking to phone support for a while they determied the drive is bad and needs to be replaced…I MUST get the data off this drive…Going to try the above mentioned linux magicks!

Same problem here. Pushed the “Upgrade” button yesterday and the unit is now blocked at the lower white led, lots of disk activity, green light only on the network interface.

I think WD just bricked my unit.

Made the mistake of update firmware without checking this thread and now it is stuck in infinite reboot loop at the startup. Any suggestions as downgrading firmware doesn’t seem to be an option here. 

Sending the disk for RMA is not an option - so I’m thinking of extracting the disk from case and mounting it on a SATA to USB station??

WD people - you need to STOP distributing this firmware asap.

The only way is to connect it to Linux.

WD stuff are blind and deaf.

We asked them two weeks ago to stop distribute this mess firmware and the result are thousands of damaged devices  all around the World!

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Thanks! I agree - attaching the disk another m/c seems the be the only viable option right now. I dont have a desktop m/c so I’ll need to buy the SATA/USB adapter station and connect it to my laptop. I hope the data is still intact !

Mods - please escalate this issue now - someone in WD needs to pull the plug and STOP DISTRIBUTING this firmware.

Same here.


Where the hell is the WD support?

I’ve escalated this.

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bill_s: Thanks! I’m sure numerous users are waiting for any update to this issue from WD tech.

I would like to add that the “lockup/freeze/crash” problem is happening to me many times now, every time i copy “heavy” files (>500MB).

It happens every time you copy “heavy” files (>500MB)?

You’re a lucky man :slight_smile:

A lot a  people BRICKED his WD Mybook.

They cannot use or “Power on” it!



Good luck

Hey everyone, basically youre screwed.

Stop wasting your time, because WD isnt going to help you.

Buy seagate next time,



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Mods please lock this thread. I’ve started a new thread on how to recover from a bricked drive.

Recover a bricked drive