Firmware update problem

Hello guys. I installed my WD My Book at my new pc. I have a WDBAAF0010HBK model. All things were good until i did the stupid thing to update the firmware. I downloaded the firmware updater from here, i run it and it said that my firmware is ok and i don’t need update. But i wrongly clicked the update button and it started to update. At some point the update failed and My Book turned off the lights that show you the capacity of the drive and the only light that was on was the small one under the locker. I restarted the pc but nothing. My Book now is not visible at Windows 8(i search with Disk manager and with a program), it doesn’t turn off if you unplug the USB cable from pc and i am afraid that i lost all my data. It seems like it is stuck. Can you please give me some advice?Thank you in advance and greetings from Greece.

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I hope that someone will give me an answer today…:smiley:

Isn’t someone familiar with my problem? Please help.

My Book recognized as Initio Default Controller. This is from USB device viewer:

—===>Device Information<===—

Current Config Value: 0x01 -> Device Bus Speed: High
Device Address: 0x01
Open Pipes: 0
*!*ERROR: No open pipes!

===>Device Descriptor<===
bLength: 0x12
bDescriptorType: 0x01
bcdUSB: 0x0200
bDeviceClass: 0xFF -> This is a Vendor Specific Device
bDeviceSubClass: 0xFF
bDeviceProtocol: 0xFF
bMaxPacketSize0: 0x40 = (64) Bytes
idVendor: 0x13FDidProduct: 0x1617
bcdDevice: 0x0100
iManufacturer: 0x00
iProduct: 0x00
iSerialNumber: 0x00
bNumConfigurations: 0x01

===>Configuration Descriptor<===
bLength: 0x09
bDescriptorType: 0x02
wTotalLength: 0x0012 -> Validated
bNumInterfaces: 0x01
bConfigurationValue: 0x01
iConfiguration: 0x00
bmAttributes: 0xC0 -> Bus Powered
MaxPower: 0x01 = 2 mA

===>Interface Descriptor<===
bLength: 0x09
bDescriptorType: 0x04
bInterfaceNumber: 0x00
bAlternateSetting: 0x00
bNumEndpoints: 0x00
bInterfaceClass: 0xFF -> Vendor Specific Device
bInterfaceSubClass: 0xFF
*!*CAUTION: This appears to be an invalid bInterfaceSubClass
bInterfaceProtocol: 0xFF
*!*WARNING: must be set to PC_PROTOCOL_UNDEFINED 0 for this class
iInterface: 0x00
*!*ERROR: 0xFF is the prerelease USB Video Class ID