Firmware update fails WDTV media player

I bought 3 WDTV media players which had old fw. So I went to update via the lastest on the website
from a USB stick. All three units saw the fw and rebooted but hung on the WD screen. So repowered
and all three showed a error screen saying need to reload fw via a USB stick. 2 of the units loaded the fw
and are fine. But the third does not read the fw on the USB correctly and just stays at the failure screen.
Pushed the hard reset button, nothing. Tried a few different USB sticks.

So, 2 got updated, and one hangs. Any ideas on how to get the last one to load the fw or is it just bad?


Is it the exact same model number as the other two media players? If so and you have tried different USB drives and a reset, then it would be best to replace the unit.