Firmware update appears hung -what to do next?

I have a gen 3 (PAL version) WDTV Live Streaming Media Player which I have mainly been using to play personal media stored on an attached WD hard drive, without any significant problems.
Today I wanted to try viewing some YouTube on my TV via the WDTV. I could not access YouTube after selecting it on the WDTV. I checked the firmware and noticed there was a new version (2.03.20) so thought I would update my firmware with this newer version in the hope it would fix the YouTube access problem.

The firmware update started but has been displaying 8% complete for over 1.5 hours? What should I do now as I do not want to destroy my WDTV

Has the progress changed after you posted this topic?

Thanks for your interest. No the upgrade didn’t progress beyond the 8%.

After searching the WD community database further and realising how unresponsive WD Support had been with other user problems, and also finding out this device is now a legacy product, I decided to turn the power off on my WDTV and take my chances!

I thought if need be I would try to reapply the old firmware using a USB stick. It turned out that the device booted up OK after I turned it back on and still had knowledge of the items on my separately attached hard drive, so I did not have to reload the firmware.

I had a few glitches with some MP4 video files, which I have since reloaded to the hard drive, but thank fully that’s all – at least for now!

I have decided not to bother updating the firmware to 2.03.20, so I will not be trying to access YouTube through this device.