Firmware Update 1.05.21 and photo thumbnails


I am a new user and just getting started. Experienced the same issue as many others in finding that adding photos to EX2 causes it to grind away and become unresponsive, supposedly due to the creation of the thumbnails. I saw one post that said the new software allowed the killing of the culprits wdphotodbmerged and wdmcserverd. How, I am unable to locate how to do this?

The other method mentioned is to SSH into the device. OK, I figured out how to set up this ability on the dashboard of the EX2, but I have no idea how to SSH. I am using a Windows 7 machine. Any helping on killing these programs would be appreciated.


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SSH requires some knowledge of Linux commands. A board search for the term “SSH” will provide you with a few threads detailing the steps.

Thank you for your reply. I did search but I am still finding it one step beyond my ability, I have many thousands of pictures that I want to put on the EX2 but when I put only a few on it pretty much grinds to a halt, so it seems to be useless to me without disabling these “services.” I would be more than willing to pay someone to walk me through this either by email or phone. Any takers? (l hope it is not improper to propose this on the forum.)

What about the statement in another thread that said the new firmware update has the ability to turn these off? I looked through everything that I could find on the dashboard and was unable to find anything. Thanks in advance for any help or input.


The option you are looking for is Enable/Disable Cloud Service from the dashboard’s Settings tab (under General). If you had read the release notes for the latest firmware (which is your duty to read everytime you upgrade the firmware), you’d have learnt of this in there. With the latest firmware if you disable cloud service that indexing functionality will be turned off.

Only you can decide if cloud service is important to you or not. You can of course still access all your data from outside the network using various other methods - ftp, WebDAV, web file viewer, etc. Just that you won’t be able to use the mobile or desktop apps to access your files from outside the network…but they should all be accessible from within the network using network mapped drives (and possibly the desktop app as well but I never installed the desktop or mobile app so I can’t say if those will work but I suspect without the indexing functionality the mobile app won’t work but the desktop app probably will).

As I have told others before, if you find that copying of lots of media files is bringing your device to its knees then just split the copy operation into multiple smaller batches. That is expected when you copy thousands or tens of thousands of files all at once, esp. since EX2 has a weak cpu and just 512MB of memory (no wonder it’s much cheaper than the leading NASes). But the file copy speeds within network is pretty good on a wired connection.

BTW, this post mentions a lot of the ssh steps in great detail ->

But if you aren’t familiar with using SSH then just do what I mentioned above from the dashboard.

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Thanks so much Cybernut

Very helpful. I had read the release notes, but did not recognize that “Supports disabling of media transcoding by turning off Cloud Access.” would do what I wanted to do. Hopefully that will solve my issues. I had tried the directions in the link but without success. I would still like to learn how to do SSH, so the offer to pay for help still stands. Thanks again, you are the best!