FirmWare/Software Update Cross Reference

This community would seem an ideal place for a listing of Products versus Available Updates reference.

 As of now, I find a confusing mess. Does a particular update, Software or Firmware, apply to my Operating System, my WDC products. Should my WDC products be updated to a certain level? 

Yaba Daba Do!!!

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If you notice in our News & Announcements, we do notify of new products, and new software/product updates.  However, we do try to be clear about which products our firmware or software updates are released for.  If you’re not sure, you can always ask.

As far as whether a particular software or firmware update applies to your system, we break up our updates into categories: operating systems - Mac or Windows; product types - internals, externals, network, or media players; software types - SmartWare, MioNet, etc.  It’s up to you to know what you are looking for - operating system, product type, software type. 

Not all WD products have firmware updates, but if there is an update for your device, it’s up to you to decide whether you need it or not.  You should read the Release Notes to help you figure out if an update is needed.  I own a WD TV Gen 1 that I’ve never updated, because it works fine for me.  Updating can be good or bad.  My motto is, “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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For me personaly i never update the firmware unless the hdd arays consistanly drop

if your HDD is running smooth do not upgrade unless absolutely need to.

 That being said

I would like to point out to people having issues with there firmware updates in general,

WD firmware guide isn’t user friendly and alot of people do not know what bootable medium means.


If you wish a simple guide to update your WD HDD firmware if they offer any for your HDD,

here it is.

it took me less than ten minutes to update my firmware

i used for my hdd firmware  “WD5000YS.EXE”


 but you have to look yours up through the WD library,

this link provided below has the same setup for bios motherboards, BUT it does work flawlessly with WD HDD firmware for bootable cd instead of the hassle with floppy follow the steps to the letter and your firmware will upgrade in minutes.