Firmware Release 04.06.00-111 (4/15/2022)

WD has apparently released Firmware 04.06.00-111 (4/15/2022) for the first generation single bay My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx- 00).

Release Notes:

Firmware Version 04.06.00-111 (04/15/2022)
As of April 15, 2022, support for prior generations of My Cloud OS has ended. We’ve made the following changes as part of this release:

  • Disabled Cloud Access support
  • Disabled Notification Email support
  • Added My Cloud OS 3 End of Support message in the My Cloud dashboard

You will continue to have local access to your stored content. Remote access, security updates, and technical support will no longer be provided. Check out our recent My Cloud updates to learn more.

Direct download link for the firmware:

Note: Remote Access using the My Cloud OS3 mobile app and the web portal have both been removed. Local network access using the My Cloud OS3 mobile app (for Android) also appears to no longer work.


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Some screen captures showing the updated interface including the removal of the Cloud Access tab, removal of the Notifications from the Settings, and removal of the Cloud Access enable section from the Dashboard > Settings > General section.

The My Cloud Dashboard NTP service does connect and update its time correctly from broadband NTP servers (like and

On a side note. Not sure if its because of the normal services I have disabled via SSH or the new firmware’s disabling of remote access but Dashboard loading just feels slightly faster.


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Nice writeup!!

I will say one thing: Given the nature of WD support (i.e. it’s over for OS/3); I would not touch this update with a 10’ pole.

One can always roll back or unbrick back to earlier firmware if they don’t like 4.06.00-111. :wink:

Edit to add: What ever one does they should give serious thought and consideration to blocking broadband access to their OS3 My Cloud at the local network edge (at their network firewall/router).


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Thanks for the suggestion.

Hello, My first generation MyCLoud is still reporting this as the latest FW version available. Just confirming, is that really that case or is there a new version ?

I don’t believe any of this OS 5 stuff applies to me, right ?
The drive works beautifully right now and has a lot of important data so I wanna check before playing around with firmware and this OS 5 stuff.


Yes that is really the case. Firmware Release 04.06.00-111 (4/15/2022) is the final firmware for the first generation single bay My Cloud. That My Cloud model has been End of Support since April 2022. That model cannot be updated to OS5.