Firmware or soft problem

Hy there, my name is Norbert and i need som help with my
I got out the HDD from the player and since there i can do nothing with it even when i put it back. Even the menu wont apear.
I used the HDD in a pc and format it.
I supose that i was deleted the software from it.
My question is that this soft or OS can be intaled again or the operating system is instaled on an external stand alone internal memory or it can be the HDD format to be the problem (NTSF or FAT32)?

Or if you have any ideea what can i do to remediate the problem please let me know it.

thank you.

Here is a link to the user manual. There is some info that may be helpful. It seems you should be able to format it via the menu, if you had one. What happens if you take the drive out, do you get the menu. Does it appear that the player is working in any way or is it dead.

For info you have a WD Elements play, which is not the subject of this board. 

How are you connecting the player to your TV, if you are using HDMI try a composite output.

You could try a player reset. (See manual)