Firmware not showing in Dashboard

I purchased 4 14tb RED NAS drives and I wanted to check the firmware. After downloading and installing the WD Dashboard and connecting the drives to my pc, I can see a lot of information but I do not see the current firmware, nor do I see any option to check for new updated firmware. I tried all 4 drives.

Using my Linux server, I connected one drive and it shows the firmware to be 83.00A83

I’m not finding any other option to check and update the firmware. Is this is a bug in the Dashboard app?

The Dashboard app doesn’t show firmware revision for HDD the same as it does for SSD. To see the firmware revision your HDD is on you can check Identify data buffer, which is available parsed under Tools tab then Drive Details section.

I just checked my WD black 6tb drive with Dashboard, and when I open Identify, I do not find anything that says Firmware. I also searched at the top and nothing called firmware. Perhaps they labeled it something different?

Even so, I wasn’t able to find any firmware on WD support site either. So, if I cannot use Dashboard to update the hdd firmware, what tool should I use and where do I find the firmware upgrade files?

You are right, the firmware is not parsed in that table, my mistake.

Are you sure a firmware update is available for this drive? You could try to call WD tech support. You may not need to update your firmware.

Doesn’t WD support monitor this forum?? I have used and updated WD hd firmware for years. The process has always to simple check the support website, download the file and updater tool and done. I no longer see any firmware files for any of my WD drives. Yes, I know for sure there is a update for my 6tb Black because I had previously downloaded it, but not installed it.
Everything on WD site now points you to the new dashboard, which obviously wrong for HDD drives

I just opened a support ticket for this. I’ll report back and share what I learn.

WD support got back to me and confirmed that WD no longer offers any fw updates for consumer hdd. They apply the latest one at manufacturing and that is it. The old process where you could download and flash yourself has been removed. Dashboard fw updates only work on ssd. I guess as long as there are no issues to address via fw update, doesn’t matter. Just weird that they went in this direction given the number of fw updates that have been needed in the past to fix issues on their hdd’s. And they are the only hd manufacturer to do this. Seagate and others still offer consumer based fw updates via self-serve. crazy