Firmware needs some improvements

I found some annoying things:

  • subtitle works well but unreadable coz outline is too thin - need some options: thick outline or subtitle background

  • subtitle is too small (the small is useless the large needs improved size)

  • there is no AUTO OFF in options but it is essential

  • there is no “stretch to fit” to fit 4:3 vid on screen

  • there is no option to set off auto play when more than 1 vid in a directory

  • zoom is auto off when vid over - annoying if u watch tv series


  • sleep mode (30, 60, 90 mins)

  • option to set default directory (for vids, audio, pictures)

  • more languages (including Hungarian)

Thanks, SON

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  • flv support

  • gapless playback

  • m3u playlist  support

  • tag support for FLAC-files : artist, album, genre, album art (cover)

  • album cover view for album folders (already mentioned in the manual)

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+.mkv support

Arabic support for subtitles

it urgently needs an arabic support for subtitles