Firmware Bugs 2.05.08

Ok, not only do the same bugs persist from the last 2 updates.  But also now there is a bug in the text scrolling.

If you use “hcenter” for the alignment, and the text is longer than the space for the text, it will try to center the entire text so that the first of the text is cut off and now the text does not scroll all the way across, it just scrolls to where the end of the text is shown, then stops.  I don’t know if this was an implementation in the firmware, which stopping at the end of the text is fine, but it cutting off the first of the text when using “hcenter” alignment is unacceptable.  This did not happen with previous firmwares.

Also, when aligned “left”, when you select the file and the text is larger than the area that it occupies, the text will now go outside the width that is designated.  So if the width is “300” the text will go beyond that space (looks to be about 20 or 30 pixels).

I can understand WD wanting to release firmware with new services, but the development team needs to get their act together and fix the bugs that are present in the firmware.  With ever new release, the previous bugs are not fixed and new bugs are introduced, and at this rate the HUB is going to become useless.

PLEASE fix the bugs in the firmware.

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Yeah, thats exactly what i notice all the Time, none of the reported Bugs are fixed, instead new (and for most) useless Function are added with of course new Bugs.

What i wish is that all the Bugs affecting the Corefunction of the Hub are fixed before new ■■■■ is added.

Because if the Base is rotten, everything added above will be also rotten too, its like if the Fundaments of a House is ■■■■, i doesn’t matter how nice the House is and how much nice looking stuff you add to it, the House is still ■■■■ because without an good Fundament it will not last for long anyway…


IMHO, the “scrolling” attribute and the “hcenter” attribute should be mutually exclusive.

If you’re using hcenter, it shouldn’t scroll AT ALL.  

So, yes, cutting off the beginning when you’re using HCENTER alignment seems correct.  That means that if the beginning and end are truncated, the field width needs to be increased.

  • Agreed on the “Spill-out” issue; though I haven’t seen it happen in all cases.  Not sure what the “prerequisite” to that issue is.
  • There’s also some bizarre behavior that happens in certain cases; scrolling won’t go all the way to the last of the text before it restarts, making the end unreadable.
  • Also, try this:   Try to “Get Content Info” on a file that you KNOW won’t have any info in the database.   Watch the error message.  (The one that used to say something like “No content info found” or something.)    Does it go NUTS on your Hub?
  • Now that it’s PIXEL-level scrolling (instead of character level) the SPEED should have been scaled so that the overall effect was the same velocity.   I think they tweaked the in-built themese and changed speed values, But not all cases were done that way.   Like FaceBook can take FOREVER to read a comment.


Actually, “hcenter” does not have anything to do with the scrolling.  If you use “hcenter”  the text WILL still scroll, I know this because most of my MOJO theme has the text as “hcenter” and it scrolls fine with previous firmware.  There is nothing mutually exclusive about it.

With the previous firmware with “hcenter”, it will center the text that will fill the designated area, starting at the left and cutting off the end.  Now it trys to center the entire text cutting off the begining and the end, yet it still trys to scroll, but instead of scrolling from the begin to the end (where the end goes all the way to the left) it scrolls only to where it shows the end of the text and stops, then begins again.

How “hcenter” works with scrolling is something that you are apparently NOT aware of.  But I am MORE than fimiliar with it due to the amount of changes that I have done with the theme xmls.  So I have to say the you are wrong when you say “So, yes, cutting off the beginning when you’re using HCENTER alignment seems correct.”, but cause this is NOT correct and not how it reacted in the previous firmware.

No, I’m saying I think it SHOULD do that, not that it DOES do that.    Scrolling and HCENTER contexts SHOULD be mutually exclusive.   They’re logically incompatible, for just the reason you describe.

If it’s starting at the left and then truncating the right, that is NOT centered.   That’s Left Justified.

If it’s centering text and truncating LEFT and RIGHT, that IS horizontal centering, and makes much more logical sense.  

No other GUI I’m aware of will allow HCENTERing text, and if it increases beyond its container, magically switch to LEFT JUSTIFY.  

Maybe I’m out in left field with my opinion, but I still think WD CORRECTED a bug, not CREATE one.  ;)   And that bug correction awakens a different bug:   HCENTER and SCROLLING should not be allowed simultaneously.

I have no doubt of your familiarity.  I didn’t mean to imply otherwise, and I’m sorry if you took offense.   

I’m just saying that, in my opinion, the CURRENT behavior makes more sense.  But because of the paradox of those two attributes, SCROLLING should not be allowed at all if HCENTER is used.  

But.  On a totally different aspect, and probably better discussed in the theme forum:  I wish they would add VERTICAL scrolling!!

In my theme, the OVERVIEW text can be set to scroll.   Another set of attributes that should be mutually exclusive.  If a text container is MULTI-LINED, horizontal scrolling should NOT be allowed.   I’ve defined 8 lines of overview text, but even that’s often not enough, and allowing line-by-line VERTICAL scrolling would be awesome.

Yes, I understand what you are saying, but respectfully I will have a gentelmens disagreement.  I don’t believe the hcenter and scrolling should be mutually exclusive.

I’m sure what you’re really trying to teach about Left jusification, but I don’t know that I ever said anything about that. But what I did say, is that before the update, text would align center and justify left for oversized text.  Which is, to me, is the correct way to handle over extended center justified text.  And since the HUB did this prior to the 2.05.08 FW, and work fine,  I don’t see anything accomplished by changing the way the text was displayed.

And, it is not just that it cuts off the begining of the text when aligned center, but it actually shifts the entire text left, so the end is still cut off where it would be if it did correctly justify left.  Also, it only does this when the text is static, once it begins the animation cycle, it goes to justified left.   So this is a CREATED BUG.

So that you have something like this for “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”:

diana Jones and the Temple of

then when it begins to scroll, it will jump to

Indiana Jones and the Temple of

Whether or not other GUI’s, firmwares, etc. do this or not, I can’t say, since there are alot of media players out there and I’m only fimiliar with a few.  But I don’t really think it matters much what other GUI’s do, what does matter is what this GUI did do but doesn’t do now.

That you are of the opinion that the text is displayed correctly, is your opinion.  It is however, my opinion that the text is not handled correctly and that there is a bug.

As for vertical scrolling, since there is not  (that I’m aware of) a value that can be set for the text, discussing that in the theme forum probably want get very far.  Maybe though you should post that in the “Idea” threads.

Is just mine, or the Get Content Info stoped working also? I cant seem to find any movie at all. Even for ones that i had found in the past using older firmwares. Also the parental control implementation looks like it was made by second degree students. Only one folder? And managed in options instead of folder menu? Come on… U guys joking? oU

djpirra wrote:
Is just mine, or the Get Content Info stoped working also? 

If you’d read just a few posts about this, (including the one with the subject “Get Content Info Broken” you would see that it’s a server problem at   They were apparently hit pretty hard by the massive Amazon outage.

Amazon Outage? What do you mean?

Woh! Didnt knew that. Pretty wicked.

Definitely follow the Chaos Monkey link in there too if you’re an engineer, general IT or just curious. Very interesting cloud related blog from Netflix. Looks like AWS itself could use with some internal tools unleashed to run rampant on itself to help identify weak links and areas that could bring it down (again).