Firmware and Software Update ruined my MYBOOK Essential 1TB

I just updated the firmware and the smartware software, now my mybook essential is no longer being recognized on my Imac.  I dont really know what steps to take seeing as who i cant get the drive to recognize on my computer or in the disk utility.  i have been fooling with it for a few hours and nothing seems to work, has anyone found a way around this problem?

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Exact same thing happened to me.  I have a My Passport Essential SE.  Purchased 2 weeks ago.  Did the recommended firmware and software update, followed the step by step instructions.  Now I cannot access the hardrive. Tried on two different Macbooks, and a windows PC.  Harddrive does not show up, light stays on. Followed troubleshooting guide, nothing works.

Thats 750gb of essential stuff.  Please post a fix asap.  I know I am not alone with this problem , with multiple complaints on this forum, and hundreds more on other forums.

And don’t tell me to just return it for another.  The whole reason I bought an external HD is to hold my files.  Having to return the hardrive with my data lost is unacceptable.

I am having the identical problem. I just bought it today and the same set of problems happened to mine, too.

I have a iMac, just purchased the My Book 1TB for backup. Connected The HD, updates the firmware and now iMac doesn’t see the back up HD and I have done all i know to do, except calling the support #.

waiting for them to open.