Firmware Alerts

For some reason my EX2 storage device continues to send alerts about downloading new firmware. I get 3 alerts per day and this has been happening since 12/22/14. The Event title, description, severity and firmware version have been the same in each event. However, the event code seems to change from 2004, 2024, 2026. Here is an example of one of the alerts:

Event title:Downloading Firmware Update

Event description:Downloading Firmware Update.


Event code:2024

Event time:12-30-2014 03:00:10 AM

Firmware version:       1.05.21

If someone has already started the same thread please let me know.


Hi there,

Try to reboot the the unit to see if you keep getting the same message, you can also try to reset the unit see if that can help you out.

Here is a link that might help with the reset process on the unit: