Firmware 5.24.108 Issue with VLC on Android TV

My 3 WD My Cloud media servers automatically updated to firmware 5.24.108 a few days ago. Now all three are having the following issue. I open the servers with VLC on Android TV.

When I navigate to a folder containing more than 1 file, be it an MKV, MP4 or AVI, I can open and play the file, but when I click the ‘next’ button on the remote, it only restarts the same video. Also, if the video gets to the end, it just automatically starts at the beginning again. It used to advance to the next video in alphabetical order.

I tested on all three servers. One is an older server and the other two are about 3 or 4 years old. They’ve all been on OS 5 since earlier this year when support was running out on OS 3 and were working fine since then.

I also tried a couple other tests. Opening on my Windows 10 PC by ‘browsing the network’ or opening VLC and navigating to a folder with multiple files, I cannot get this behavior to repeat, it works normally.

I looked for an update for VLC on Android and I’m already at the latest version. I tried looking for a setting both on VLC and on my TV that might control this behaviour but couldn’t find one.

Any ideas?