Firmware 3.08.14 - How I rolled it back

Even though I fought the fight and am going to stick with the latest 3.08.14 firmware I thought I would share the following. 

If when you upgrade to the latest firmware you decide to go back to an older one you may have some difficulty.  What I found was that the firmware upgrade process is reading the contents of a “.ver” file that is one of the files in the firmware and if the version indicated inside that file is lower than the one you have currently installed the process will simply ignore you and do nothing.  The .ver file for the latest release is a text file that looks like this:


So, I put my old firmware on a thumb drive and changed the VERSION entry in this file to be higher, such as 4.08.14.  Then I plugged the thumb drive into the USB port, said no to synchronizing, turned auto update back on and up popped the Upgrade Firmware option.  Sometimes you have to play with the box a bit but the option will turn on.  After the update it will show the actual firmware that you installed regardless of what you entered into the .ver file.

No offense but that’s been common knowledge for ages and has been mentioned here several times. Manipulating the ver file allows you to rollback from pretty much any version to each version (except in those cases mentioned here where it’s not possible). The offical rollback firmwares already have a changed ver file.

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