Firmware 2.31.193 is a lemon, here's a link to downgrade

For me, the issue was a total break of SSH. I’ve heard it’s broken Time Capsule backups as well.

So, please see:

I have a Mirror Gen2. As the only available firmware on the site is the latest, I used the existing URL and changed ‘.193’ to ‘.183’. Downloaded fine and was able to be installed using the manual upgrade button in the GUI.

Hope this helps anyone else to find themselves in this position.

Oh yeah, turn Firmware Auto Update OFF. Not worth being the canary in the calming when this sort of thing happens.

@smegsaber the user “root” has been removed and replaced with the alias “sshd” for external user access.

How to Enable SSH (Secure Shell) on a My Cloud Device

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I’ve been having my own issues since installing the new Firmware I have a PR4100 and used your link for the .183 just to see if it would work for me and it has… I’m not sure my Plex issues were caused by the new Firmware as I’ve reinstalled the Plex Media Software and went back to the new .193 Firmware on my PR4100 and things are currently working… for future reference does WD have a place to download previous versions of their firmware? I wasn’t able to find any obvious links, I just had to browse for them and find a link in the Community.