Firmware 2.01.17 conflict playing media and slideshow

Hey I was really happy to see the new firmware including hulu plus. This is one of the reasons I bought this device. So Thanks for that finally. However, I now have a big problem with my most common use of this device, listening to music. I like pandora alot and listen to music just about constantly.  While listening to music the hub ever so conveniently plays a slideshow of all my pictures. What a great feature!! Well this new update has added a bug to this. 

Problem being, when I am listening to pandora, the music stops when the slideshow begins. AAHH!!! That **bleep**!!! Help!!

Yep…   It’s a bug…   Right now you can’t do a Slideshow and listen to media at the same time.

Yeah it would be great if I could turn of the slideshow!!!

You can.   

Just go to SETUP / APPEARANCE / and change Screen Saver Mode to WD LOGO, or you can just turn the screen saver off entirely by changing the delay to “OFF.”