Firmware 1.05.04 MKV file stutter

Hi all

I just updated to firmware ver. 1.05.04 so I can use a 2.5TB drive in addition to the 2TB drive I was already using without issue.  Both drives are USB directly into the player.

After the update, everything appears to work fine with the exception of a stutter of 1 - 2 sec every 30 -45 seconds on 720P MKV files.  File sizes are between 4 - 6 GB.  

These files played without issue before the firmware update and are playing off the same drive as before.  The only difference is that the firmware update was applied.  I have not tested how the same file plays off the new drive, that is next on my list.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?  I am reluctant to downgrade the firmware since I wouldn’t be able to use the bigger hard drive.

Update - i am now experiencing the stutter with other file types.  Specifically avi files.

Any suggestions? 

I run 1.05.04 for similar reasons as you and  found a similar issue playing MKV conversions of DVD format (.vob) files.  These are mostly film source, presumably 24fps.  I haven’t seen the problem with AVI but my collection of that format is very limited.  Try playing around with the pause/run button to see if the stutter goes away.  I find I have to toggle it about 5-6 times in a row before it hits a stable phase.  I used Handbrake to create the MKVs and initially used “same as source” framerate setting.  I’ve recoded one of the DVD files that was juddering badly, this time using 24fps forced.  The problem did not go away but it takes less attempts now (about 2) for the playback to stabilize. 

Hope that is useful

Thanks for the reply RPH.  I tried your suggestion without success.  The strange thing about my issue is that it only seems to occur with movies in MKV format.  TV episodes with the same encoding do not stutter during playback.