Firmware 1.01.12 download


someone does know where i can download Firmware  1.01.12?I had this firmware from factory and I downgraded to 1.01.10.Can I install it back?


How did you downgrade the firmware?

I putted the other firmware and press ok.Is it possible to put it back?

why would you want to downgrade?

i have 1.01.12 on 1 of my players…asked  WD why this version is not the current version on the download site…had no reply…so much for 1 working day replies…they are so ignorant… if i had read the posts on here 1st i would have bought from a different company. Like i have stated on other recent posts, looks like the elements play is obsolete now & WD  are putting all their efforts into newer models, so you have to buy one of those. If your waiting for a firmware update…dont hold your breath. look at the last update (2010) & then check out the new models (feb 2012)…say no more…

+1 for this question:angry: