After browsing the forums…  I see that the External Western Digital Drives seem to have major issues with slow transfer speeds.

Has anyone resolved this issue or at least identified what it is???  When I first bought my drive i didnt have any issues with speed.  but now it takes 5 days to transfer 30 gigs.  I downloaded TeraCopy and it seemed to help slightly…  BUT NOT MUCH.

Im connected VIA FireWIRE  and I am just trying to get all my information off of this drive onto an second internal drive I purchsed.  This is the second drive that has given me issues… IT WILL BE THE LAST WESTERN DIGITAL EXTERNAL  USE.  I used their dignostic software and it says the drive is functioning fine so tech support is telling me there is nothing they can do.  

I have Windows 7 professional.

Well, the first thing I would do is see if this disk is slow on another computer. Then we can branch off into specific troubleshooting. There are lots of reasons why a disk can be slow.

Two slow disks on the same computer tells me the computer is at fault. Fix the computer.

Two slow disks on two different computers tells me the disks are at fault. Fix the disks.

Making assumptions here will not yield a solution. Where do you want to start?

Ok, replacved the Fire Wire cable and it still had slow transfer speeds.

On a hunch, I went out and bought an e-sata  cable and  hooked the drive up using the external Sata cable and now Im getting speeds of 45-50mb/s.   This drive is flying !!!

I still want to hook it up to another computer to see if the Firewire port was bad but right now the drive is performing like it was new.  I thought my other computer had a firewire port, but it does not so i will have to wait till i go over my dads house to test it.

Ipod syncing is back to normal .  doesnt take an hour to transfer 1 album