FiOS Quantum

Anyone using FiOS Quantum yet?

300 Mbps!  :)

I got FIOS as soon as I moved in my apartment a few years ago… I screwed up big time. I switched to Comcast to get a better rate. What a huge mistake. FIOS was faster and the television picture quality was much better. Sure initially I saved about $30 a month, but now I’m around the same price I paid earlier for less services.

FIOS I had Triple Play, DVR, and faster speeds. With Comcast I’ve got no phone, no DVR, and crappy speeds.

The picture quality on the TV you can instantly notice. When I first switched the picture looked “blurry”. Also, for some reason the high def box Comcast gave me will not work with HDMI. They claim my TV is broke, but every other item I plug in works fine. So, I’m thinking that’s a possible scam to get me to upgrade to the DVR box. So, I’m stuck using component cables.

As soon as I get a money to straighten my old FIOS bill out (I returned the box late, but they had already charged me) I’m making the switch back.

The crappy part of where I live is there’s a bunch of apartments, north I, north II, south I, south II, east, west, then there’s other complexes in my area. It’s hard to find my address on the FIOS website. It always says I can’t get service there when it’s been there for years.