Finally got faster read/write on a Mac

I have had the 3TB MyCloud for about 5 months and was dissapointed with the transfer speeds. 
In that time I changed from an Asus RT66AC to and Asus RT87AC, have used a succession of Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables and only use HP Procurve Switches.  The network is gigabit throughout 

However despite this I was getting write speeds of about 10-11 Megabytes per second and read speeds of 17-18 Megabytes per second.

I SSH’d into the MyCloud and saw a moderate increase by switching off the background thumbnail tasks.
I turned off Media serving (both DLNA and iTunes).

Still couldn’t get the kind of speeds I expected.
My Qnap TS251 can read and write at over 100Megaytes per Second on same network).

I had assigned the WD a fixed IP in router, port forwarding was correctly set up but still poor transfers.

I then read this 

Today I tried connecting the shares via SMB instead of AFP and it started hitting 35 Megabytes per second (writing) 
Directories seemed to load faster in Pathfinder too. 

So if you have a Mac and are frustrated by slow file transfers, try using SMB instead of AFP. It may just work. 

Page not found error on your link but this one works:

Thank you for correcting the link. 

Well since posting this, Write speeds are now hitting 30-34MB a second and reads are averaging 44-48MB a second (Large file sizes, obviously smaller files go slower),