Filter/Search gone

A have the WD TV Live SMP since a coulple of days, and fortunately I haven’t had too much trouble using it; even the media library seems to work on the network, and compiling it doesn’t take too long at all.

A problem I encountered is that after a while the Filter/Search function of the library stopped working. The green icon is gone and the search button on the remote does nothing. I think this happened at some point when playing with shares/compiling/recompiling the media library. I already tried deleting everything in the folder

 (BTW it works in the dashboard, just not in the regular video/music/photos view)

I already searched thef forums, but couldn’t find much help other that the few things I already stated above. Any help would be appreciated!

Well never mind! I had the wrong content source selected :blush:

This takes some getting used to!