Film stopped playing and now nothing plays. Just get orange arrow spinning

Was watching a film via my PC> It all of a sudden just stopped (screen went black). I pressed the home button and now nothing works. It lets you select the file but it sits there with an orange spinning arrow

Reboot your WD.

That’s the first thing i did

Did you fully reboot it, or just put it in and out of standby?

Both first standby via the remote and then pull out the power cable.

Now done a factory reset and it is playing media again. Hopefully it wont screw up after X mins.

I’m having the same problem where nothing plays, even things that played fine an hour ago. Our WDTV Live has been working flawlessly since the moment I unpacked it a week ago. We’ve watched at least 50 videos in AVI, MKV and MP4 format. Tonight, we were in the middle of a TV show and we stopped it to watch a movie (which we watched yesterday). The movie would not play and it said “cannot play the selected file”. We rebooted the WDTV, the router and the host PC. We can play the files from another PC using the same username/password but the WDTV will not play anything now in any format.

After a few more attempts of removing the power cable and plugging it back in, everything started playing again. I hope it doesn’t do that too often.

Agreed. As a testI’ve left a film running through out the day and it’s not bombed out just yet

I never powered down my WD Live Hub devices, until this year. When I’m ready to watch a movie, I  go to “source” then Mediacenter OR Network Shares - WIndows. Then lately  - when I click on the movie file with the right  format  from a Netgear ReadyNAS Pro, I’ve been getting an ORANGE ARROW going in a CIRCLE and seems to be happening every other movie . At this point I have to unplug the WD device from the wall and restart it to play each movie. This seems that it started from a couple of firmware’s ago.

I still have this issue every so often. Only way around it is factory reset

Also have issues where it’ll stop connecting to my pc - No matter what i do it wont work until i do another factory reset

Then at times it tells me my login details to my pc are wrong - They’re not!!. Once again a factory reset is needed

Tbh I dont think i’ve owned a product in my life that has required this amount of factory resets - Loads of f/w updates so i guess at least they’re trying to fix things